Free Speech in the Fediverse

(Last update 29 June 2021)

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are engaging in rampant political censorship. The Fediverse is a decentralized, privacy-respecting, FOSS alternative to these Big Tech platforms. If you can't quite wrap your head around what it is or why it's a better solution than centralized "free-speech" platforms like Gab, Minds, and Parler, the following videos do a good job of explaining it:

The Fediverse isn't necessarily an oasis of free speech. Some instances censor. The purpose of this page is to list those that don't.

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Mastodon and Pleroma instances that allow politically-incorrect speech

Mastodon and Pleroma resemble Twitter.

PeerTube instances that allow politically-incorrect content

PeerTube is like YouTube but uses P2P technology.


SearX is a decentralized, privacy-respecting, FOSS metasearch engine. It isn't part of the Fediverse but doesn't seem out of place on this page. Since reliable public instances can take some effort to find, I've listed a few below: